I moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, as a bride a long time ago.

Part of the fun of a trip back home to the States was having American treats that were not available in Mexico. I never cared much for Butterfingers until I was deprived of them, and you have to be a transplanted Texan yourself to understand how a Frito chili pie could be a taste thrill to someone who lives most of the year in Mexico!

Part of the fun of living in Mexico was discovering wonderful new tastes, sights, and sounds: cajeta in a tiny wooden box with a tiny wooden spoon, delicious fruits that I had never heard of like guyaba, guanábana, and zapote negro, the postman’s whistle, the camote vendor’s horn, the lady with a high-pitched voice hawking “ejotes, elotes, chicharos,” jacaranda, bugambilia, framboyan in full flower, and the indescribable high of all senses that was El Mercado San Juan de Dios (photo).

I’m glad enough nowadays to get a Starbuck’s or go to the 7-11 for my favorite, Milky Way, but I fear a great deal has been lost.


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